Leicesters Diwali And Christmas

Leicester Diwali and Christmas

Leicester City Council has announced that the 2022 annual Diwali and Christmas celebrations will be returning to city streets this year. The day of celebration, as well as switching on Leicester’s lights for Winter Solstice (or Deepavali), will both feature street entertainment – although in a slightly different format than before if you wish to Book A Limo Hire Leicester to enjoy the events let us know.

Leicester Diwali and Christmas 2022

With the announcement that Leicester City Council will be celebrating Diwali and Christmas this year, comes an exciting new addition for locals. For those not in tune with Indian culture or tradition – let alone British terms of celebration- it can be difficult to know what exactly is going on during these festivities at first glance.

But as soon as you see LED lights lighting up buildings around town from top floors down below onto pavements where people dance under strings music played by brass instruments while others light fireworks they have bought just before coming over here (or sometimes themselves), then all becomes clear!

Leicester Diwali Christmas
Leicester Diwali Christmas

Leicester Christmas celebrations

For both switch-on day on October 24 and Diwali Day on November 4, the council planned to block Belgrave Road to traffic as normal. In a departure from previous years, the stage near the Belgrave roundabout will be replaced by two massive screens on Belgrave Road, which will show a pre-recorded cultural programme that will run throughout the evening.

On Cossington Street Recreation Ground, a third large screen will be installed. This will allow guests to enjoy the entertainment in a variety of locations and at various times, decreasing the need for people to congregate in one location at a specific time in the evening.

The yearly firework displays will be replaced this year with a Fire Garden on the Cossington Street recreation area, as well as a Global Rainbow that will beam light across the city, with visitor safety as a top priority.

LEICESTER’s annual Diwali celebrations

A Diwali Village will be set up at Cossington Street Recreation Ground, complete with food stalls and funfair attractions.

“We have been determined to do everything we can to bring the Diwali and Christmas celebrations back to the streets of Leicester, whilst making public safety our priority,” said Deputy City Mayor for Culture Cllr Piara Singh-Clair.

“With the new Diwali event style, guests will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of our Diwali celebrations at any time throughout the evening, rather than having to assemble in one place.”

“We’re still finalising our plans for Christmas activities, but we’ll be following a similar approach.”

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On Sunday, October 24th, at 5 p.m., Belgrave Road will close to commemorate the turning on of the Diwali lights. From 5.30pm to 8.30pm, the cultural programme will be displayed on the huge screens every hour. The Hindu Festival Council will execute a religious ritual, and Nupur Arts and local dance companies will provide entertainment. To prevent crowds from forming, the lights will be turned on prior to the road closure.

On Thursday, November 4th, the Diwali celebrations will begin with a road closure at 5 p.m. and a cultural event from 5.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.