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Hen Night Limo Hire Packages: The Ultimate Guide

Are you the chief bridesmaid? Is it your duty to organise the events of the hen night? Transport your guests together in a single, stylish, glamourous limo.

Ultimate Hen Night Guide

The hen night can be an exciting one, provided your hen is well cared for and has all the necessary food, drinks and party arrangements. If this is not the case, the hen party will be a massive disappointment! Having a hen party means enjoying some fun, dancing and make memorable memories for the rest of your lives, and the hen night can end up being expensive. Although this isn’t always the case, often you will end up spending a lot of money on your little sister, which could have been well spent on a lavish gift! Planning a hen party can be quite a task. You have to be considerate of the budget of the party and try your best to not go over budget.

Bunting Accessories

Ultimate Hen Night Limo Hire Packages

Think about where you would like to be transported. A large, luxurious, family-oriented wedding venue, along with outdoor dance floors that has it all, may well be the most suitable environment for the group of friends to experience the evening. If this is not possible, then a more discreet venue that is dedicated to a specific type of event may be the best option.

However, the location is not as important as the car that will transport you and your guests safely and safely from the wedding venue to the bar. Here is an exhaustive list of limo hire venues that you may want to consider: The Black Tie Lounge, Bath: The Black Tie Lounge, Bath is the perfect place to party, especially when your guests are not too intoxicated.

Hen Night Limo Hire
Hen Night Limo Hire

How to Plan the Hen Night

Are you planning to take the hen party out in style? There’s nothing more fun than a limo hire pack. You need to know how to organise it before you try to book one and find one that’s capable of providing the services you expect.

This is why, to make the process easier for you, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide for a fabulous hen party. Keep reading. How to Book a Limo You can now book a limo pack for the hen party online, after knowing all the requirements of your hen party and going through all the essential stuff.

You can find the list of requirements with the Uber Limo Limo Hire Packages. Here’s what you need to consider before booking any limo: Do you have many people going together? If you have about ten people attending the party, we suggest you book a minibus.

How do you plan a hen party?

How to Plan a Hen Party If You’ve Never Done It Before

Step 1: Know what the bride may like to have a chat beforehand.
Step 2: Come up with a guest list not forgetting who CAN’T come.
Step 3: Set up a calendar of possible dates.
Step 4: Set up a Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Group
Step 5: Pick a location and look for Accommodation.
Step 6: Make a schedule of activities, not too far out of peoples comfort zone.
Step 7: Work out transport to and from places if needed.
Step 8: Allow for some flexibility.

What should I bring to a hen party?

The bride wears a veil and a sash.
Sashes for bridesmaids and hen props
Banners, balloons, and blow-up props are examples of decorations.
Bags of goodies
Mr. & Mrs., Ring Toss, and other games
Don’t forget to bring any gifts or photo albums for the bride.

How do you reveal a hen destination?

1. Write a poem for her hen party.
2. Create a scavenger hunt that includes an invite reveal.
3. Make a postcard invitation to a destination.
4. Give her a gift that includes a set of clues.
5. With the help of her loved ones create a Hen Do Invitation Video.
6. Compose a hen party invitation song.
7. Tag her in Hen Party Photos with Social Media Clues.

How much should a hens night cost?

An average hens party guest can expect to pay between £100-£200 for the activities, depending on the type of hens party. Some bridesmaids, on the other hand, prefer a less expensive party that focuses on put things together themselves.

A survey by MyVoucherCodes has revealed that the average hen or stag will cost £204.82 per guest.

The breakdown of hen and stag do cost:
Food & Drink £28.35
Clothing & Accessories £36.37
Transport £26.05
Accommodation £27.82
Childcare £5.34
Gifts £35.47
Activities £45.41

How to Book the Hen Night Limo Hire

Book the limo hire as early as possible as many hen night revellers book late due to all sorts of reasons. If you book the limo hire as soon as possible, you will get to enjoy this limo hire fun from the first to the last day of your hen party.

Asking for a Personalised Invoice The limo hire company would typically provide a one time receipt for all the expenses incurred for the chauffeur limo hire.

Hen Party Bridesmaids Preparation

The most important part is to stay calm when you’re organising your hen night. The night should be filled with laughter, excitement and, of course, fun. This is a night that all your bridesmaids look forward to.

From organising the limo hire to paying for the accommodation to the many surprises that you have planned for the guests, it will all be fun and stylish for everyone. Hiring a Limo for Your Hens Night is one of the easiest ways to make all the arrangements. Before choosing any vehicle, consider the requirements of the hen night, such as the number of guests, budget and occasion.

The Last Party As A Single Person

Your guests won’t return to reality before enjoying that night in the limo. Comfortable seats, a mini bar and candlelit atmosphere await. The final party can be the best memory from the night, that can serve as a special memento.

The Hidden Personalities of Limos Often the only luxury limo makes the huge list of luxury cars. It seems like a regular vehicle, but inside there is an air of mystery. It might be a Mercedes or a BMW, it might be a Hummer or a Bentley, but it’s an outstandingly rich “footman” that’s there to help you go wherever you want.

Hen Night Limo Hire Hummer
Hen Night Limo Hire Hummer

The Day After; The Hen Night

This is the last day of the hen party. You don’t want your guests to leave in a mess, so make sure you pack everything they need for the airport. Buy their luggage from the local luggage station or pick it up at their hotel. That way, they don’t have to remember any details of the trip. Also, if they have a car, book them a lift home.

That way, they can avoid any traffic problems and get home safely. Remembering all the event details If you have done an excellent job organising the hen party and want to leave an unforgettable memory for your guests, it’s vital that you write down everything you’ve organised and remember it all. You can even get one of those fancy pens to write and colour in the details for your guests.


Well, if you are tired of clashing schedules or hiring individual cars, why not try and hire a limousine? Not only it will save you money, but also you will avoid many headaches, especially when it comes to safety.