Leicestershire Flamboyant Florists Marry At Wacky Wedding

Leicestershire Flamboyant florists marry at wacky wedding

A Leicester couple who wanted to take the stress out of their wedding say they understand their ceremony won’t be everyone’s definition of perfection, but it was wonderful for them.

Although John Voyle, 61, and Richard Allison, 48, own a florist in Leicester, they decided to forego flowers for their wedding.

Leicestershire Wedding Ceremony In Style

For their big day, the couple decided to go without speeches and even wedding rings. Instead, they opted for the top of the range mobile phones with a champagne reception on board a double decker bus! Bingo games were also played by inviting in one very special drag queen who didn’t tone down her act just because it was supposed be formal – something many people may have done once thinking about what kind of wedding ceremony might suit them best but not these two crazy kids 😉

Leicestershire Flamboyant Florists Marry At Wacky Wedding
Leicestershire Flamboyant Florists Marry At Wacky Wedding (Image: Jamie Gray/PinPep)

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“Our big day may not have been most people’s concept of the perfect wedding, but it was perfectly perfect for us,” Richard added. It was heartfelt, amusing, and downright insane at moments!

“We made the decision to remove everything from our wedding day that could create anxiety or inconvenience to anyone attending, especially ourselves.

“We got rid of the speeches, the cake, and even the flowers, despite the fact that we’re florists.”

Ride home on an alcoholic post-ceremony bus

“There will be no first dance, long ceremony, or traditional vows,” he continued. After the ceremony, we provided everyone with a ride home on an alcoholic post-ceremony bus.

It paid off because this was many people’s first time having a good time since the pandemic started, and we focused on having a good time.

28 years after they first met through mutual acquaintances, John and Richard are engaged and looking forward to a magical Christmas in 2020.